Bit Gestio Medic s.l.

We are a team of professionals, including doctors and nurses specialists in Occupational Medicine, as well as in other areas, computer, consultants, senior technicians in risk prevention laborales.PRL.


About us

Our products

In BitGestioMedic we have 3 lines of commercial products, ensuring the best value precio.Llevamos more than 10 years marketing these to ensure the best results tailored to your needs.

  • Together SOS + DEA and conducted training BGM SVB, SVBI with or without use of DESA, first aid and soon SVA, all according CCR-ERC
  • We are collaborating entity CCR-ERC
  • We have instructors with extensive experience
  • We teach ATSI level II by the Catalan Federation of Salvament i Socorrisme.
  • We ell semiautomatic defibrillators (DESA) of Telefunken®.
  • We have Defibrillators of other brands. Ask us.
  • Our teams come standard equipped with protective case and emergency kit
  • Our teams are customizable and adaptable to the needs of our customers.
  • Do not forget to ask for funding conditions and / or leasing
  • Prevention of occupational hazardss
  • Work Medicine
  • Advisory
  • Customized training
  • Marketing of health and electromedical products (electrocardiographs, spirometers, audiometers, visual control equipment, etc. brands: Cardioline (R), Sibelmed (R), EYMASA (R), Essilor (R), etc.)

  • Hosting
  • Development of customized solutions
  • Design and development websites with responsive design
Years of experience